Mechanical Shaft Seal

(Replaces the old rope type seal)


​Flywheel Covers $162.00

This does NOT ruin the impeller for future use in another application not using an inducer, as we make a stainless steel cone that will replace the machined off cone area if needed.

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Parts on this page are new parts.


JETAWAY II  comes equiped with the new BIG DOG CLUTCH which has gears three times wider and stronger than the orginal. The center hub now has

23 teeth for more pulling surface and is made of a much stronger material, heat treated, nitrate processed for longer wear resistance and H.I.P. treated for extra strength. The new "made specificaly for the application" ​ return spring has the perfect tension for quick reaction. We recommend the JETAWAY  II 

for those who are running more than 1000 - 1100 HP.

Put one in your boat and "TURN UP THE POWER!"


(Jetaway II ​ overall length is 1/4" longer than the original)

We have an exchange program for those who wish to upgrade to the  Jetaway II

Call: 417-858-8616

These 2 videos are a comparison of a Jet Boat taking off without an inducer, and the same boat taking off

  with the new ​"HOLE SHOT" Inducer. The boat has an engine with a little over 600 HP, and a 'B" cut impeller.

           Notice the difference in RPM on take off, and also the time it takes to cover the same distance.

Polished Stainless Steel double water jacketed headers with anti-reversion tubes. (discontinued)

​The "SNOOT"

We Sell and Install the Cavitation Reducer

To install the HOLE SHOT , either just machine .600" off the cone of the impeller.

or for a smoother flow, bore a 1.750" center back .600" from the cone edge.


JC, JG, Dominator

         ​       BBC                            Engine Mounting Rail Kits                       BBF


Motor Mount Plates-front & rear, Rails, Outside Stringer

Protector Plates, Pillow Blocks, Pump Brace-your choice deep or shallow,

and Pump Brace Mounting Brackets

Oldsmobile kits are now available too.

Watch Here for New Products

Spring of 2018

New RACE Nozzle & Inserts 


Others will be Released Soon!


​Don't Bet "Your Life" on a cheap loader!

Pump Braces - Deep or Shallow $116.00

Berkeley JE, JF


Includes Shoe, Ride Plate, Cradle & Hardware

 See Add-On Shoe & Ride Plate Kits Below

​Water Bypass Kit

Water in your oil? This could be your answer.

Water Bypass Kit to Regulate the water pressure in your Engine.


The normal automotive type of engine used in Jet Boats are designed to operate with a maximum of about 30 Lbs. of water pressure in the cooling system. In a Jet Boat where the engine cooling water comes from the jet pump bowl area, the water pressure can  go as high as 200 Lbs. or more. With this kind of pressure in the system, it can blow out soft plugs, push water through head and intake gaskets, and make porosity holes show up in may of the aftermarket intake manifolds. This system is designed to only allow 15 - 20 lbs of water pressure to reach the engine. This eliminates most of the water in oil problems that plague jet boaters so often.

All metal parts have been upgraded to brass or stainless steel! Choice of White, Black, or Chrome Water Outlets.

DRIVE SHAFTS - Flywheel Buttons (PTO)

  Standard Jet H-Bar - Custom Length Shafts MADE TO ORDER

1310 & 1350 call for a quote

Without an inducer installed



And check out the new Stainless Steel Water Jacketed Manifolds for under the cover Applications.



Alternator Mounting Made EASY!

BBC Alternator Mounting Bracket Assembly

These brackets make mounting an alternator on a BBC a Snap! Puts alternator on the side of the engine where there

is no header interference at the back of the alternator and gives plenty of room for the use of a mechanical fuel pump.

Makes a neat looking set up and these brackets do NOT flex.

Complete Assembly & Hardware included


We keep impellers in stock for;

Dominator, Berkeley, Jaccuzzi, American Turbine, Aggressor, Legend Pumps & Others are Available

Aluminum $389.89  -   Stainless Steel $1031.68   -   Hi-Helix $1545.19

Hi-Helix Stainless Steel Race Impellers

Developed and tested by Hi-Tech Performance / American Turbine

We have them in stock now!

Transom Steering Kits

Includes Transom Plates, Steering Tube, Cable Seal, Swivel, Steering Extension & Hardware


  Steering Extension only $71.45                   Steering Tube Cap with O-Ring Seal and grease Zerk only $38.95                                 Swivel only $42.21  

Intake Assemblies


                 MPD                                                              IN STOCK                                                                   Meirsch

Pre-drilled Shoes, Blank Shoes & Shim Kits


                                          Short                                                                          Tall                                                                   Berkeley C


                                                      Comparison                                                                                                       Ride Plates



                Rebuilt when available $1275.00

Main Pump Shaft Repair Sleeve


This little jewel mounts on the top of the jet pump bowl and lets out the air that can get trapped in the pump when it is lunched.

Ever had to rev your engine to get the boat to move when you first put it in the water? Then you need one of these. Especially if

you have a good tight pump, or a droop snoot. It bleeds off the air so you are ready to go and closes as you take off.

Very simple to install. Comes with instructions.

Watch for our new inducer, coming spring of 2016 - the

IT'S HERE!        "HOLE SHOT"​      IT'S HERE!    

With ​HOLE SHOT ​inducer installed


Our overhaul kits include your choice of Brass, Stainless Steel or the Ultimate Wear Ring, (the best sealing wear ring on the market today)! The parts are Original Equipment specs, NO aftermarket gaskets, parts or parts from China! Please call us so that we can help you get the right parts for your pump!

This is where your boat starts to PERFORM BETTER!




​JE & JF Shoe and Ride Plate Kits



With this product, you can save your old worn out shaft. Simply have the old shaft turned down to a particular diameter,

 press on the new sleeve, drill and tap the end of the shaft and bolt it in place with thread locker.


JC & JG Add-A- Shoe & Ride Plate Kits

A quick and simple way to add a shoe and ride plate without having to remove the intake from the boat.

​Complete Overhaul Kits




The new generation, "HOLE SHOT"  cavitation reducer produces all of the benefits of the others.

Plus; you DO NOT have to take the pump shaft out to install it any more!!

That's right, you do not have to remove, turn, and key the shaft to install it. Call 417-858-8616 for INFO.

This is another innovative  product brought to you exclusively by HI-TECH PERFORMANCE!

It can be used like a droop snoot, but it eliminates the drag normally associated with the droop.

The SNOOT when used with a wedge or two, will not push the tail of the boat down into the water near as hard as a droop does. 

Instead, it uses more of the thrust to push the boat FASTER, rather than down. There is more thrust for moving the boat forward

because it is not bending the water twice. Increases in speed, and much better handling are some of the advantages of


The SNOOT has even helped or eliminated the porpoise in many boats!

It is cast from 356T aluminum and then heat treated for hardness and wear.

Some additional accessories that may be needed for the complete installation consist of; Wedges, Steering Extension, or Stud kit for wedges.

Order yours TODAY.   $340.00

Various installations shown below!

Replace your old packing rope rings with the Mechanical Shaft Seal Unit. Simply install it in the packing land area and forget it!

Next time you overhaul your pump be sure to install the mechanical seal unit, or have your pump specialist/company install one.

It will eliminate the water leak, eliminate having to adjust the packing, and eliminate the pump from sucking air around the shaft.