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Normal automotive type of engines commonly used in Jet Boats are designed to operate with a maximum of about 30 Lbs. of water pressure in the cooling system. In a Jet Boat where the engine cooling water comes from the jet pump bowl area, the water pressure can reach up to 200+ Lbs.  This kind of pressure in the system can blow out soft plugs, push water through head and intake gaskets making porosity holes show up in many of the aftermarket intake manifolds. The HTP Bypass system is designed to only allow 15 - 20 lbs. of water pressure to reach the engine. eliminating chances of water getting in the oil.

All metal parts are brass and stainless steel with a choice of Chrome, Black, or White Water Outlets.  Kit comes complete with 32" of 3/4" hose, as pictured.

HTP Water Bypass Kit

$288.00 Regular Price
$259.20Sale Price
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