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The HTP Guardian System

Hi-Tech Performance Inc. is now offering an automated pop off controller. This

controller monitors tach signal. The system will instantly release the valve in any of the

following events…

• Driver lifts off the throttle

• Engine starts to fail or locks up

How does it work? This system contains 2 MSD rpm controllers, 1 relay and a solenoid. The

system has a manual powerswitch. Once the system sees the top chip rpm, it will latch the

circuit. As the rpm dropsto the lower RPM chip (Engine failure, lift of the throttle, boat

power failure) it will release the pop off valve if the driver hasn’t already done so. This

compact unit comes assembled and tested. Installation to a current pop off operating

system only takes about 20 minutes.

Evidence that it works - This system is like having an angel riding on your shoulder. In the

event of catastrophic engine failure, this system will open the pop off faster than a human

can react when micro seconds count. This controller has an on/off switch and has to

powered on to be effective. Once it has latched the circuit and opened the pop off valve,

the toggle switch MUST be cycled before the pop off can be closed & the sequence started

over again. This tells us that the system is working.

What customizing is required? 4000 (low) and 6000 (high)rpm chip modules are

included. The "High" chip should be changed to 300 rpm below your max desired rpm.

Msd Pop Off Controller "The Guardian System"

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